Morgan Taylor is an award-winning filmmaker, entrepreneur, marketing consultant, actor and model based in New York, New York. 

Morgan Taylor is a New York fashion model, represented by @nymmg in Manhattan.

As a documentary filmmaker, Morgan Taylor specializes in inspirational biopics. She was a producer and editor of the award-winning Holocaust survivor documentary “An Inconvenient Time.”

Morgan has recently joined the team at Birch Tree Productions to bring stories to life through film, television, music and multimedia.

As the host of “The Women in Film Project,” Morgan discusses topics such as creativity, productivity and self-care with film industry professionals from all over the world who are making strides in life, art and career.

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Agency Owner & Speaker

Morgan Taylor owns and operates a marketing agency, servicing international clientele with custom web development, professional video and marketing consulting. She gives back to the community by hosting and speaking at events around the country. 

Film / Tv / Theatre


Morgan Taylor is an award-winning filmmaker, producer and editor with credits on two feature-length documentary films. 

For Morgan’s acting and theatre resume, please view her profile on


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